Mariapia Zepponi Artist and Designer.
Born in Fabriano, her home and work town, she got a diploma as a graphic designer in 1991. She has exhibited her painting work since 1994 in both Italy and Europe, receiving many awards.
Over the years she has developed skills in the sectors of illustration, ceramics, artistic glass windows, works on handmade paper and bookbinding through professional training courses and internships. In 2002 she started working as a freelance.
Since 2009 she has experienced the world of “handmade paper”, creating a technique whereby the sheet of paper no longer functions as support but becomes “work of art”, thanks to the reliefs left on the surface. In her hands paper continues its metamorphosis and turns into magic creatures of imagination: jewels, artist books, tridimensional creations inspired by nature.
She works as a decorator, designer and creator of textures on handmade paper, unique objects and artist books.
In 2011, she exhibited her works at the Maison de l'UNESCO in Paris.
She promotes art, creativity and personal growth by running artistic expression courses for children, painting courses for adults, ceramics workshops for disabled people and teaching projects for public bodies.

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