Courses for disadvantaged people
Artistic techniques taught: ceramics, painting, collage, monotype printing.

The workshops are held in:
Hours and day/s to be agreed with the host structure, based on the user's needs.

Art can be a useful tool to help the individual in their own personal growth, as it stimulates creativity, increases the desire to experiment and gain confidence about his ability to do, thanks to the level of autonomy achieved during lab hours. The teacher shows the students - from time to time - specific methodologies for the application of various techniques.
Each student will be followed step by step in the construction of his own creation, so he can get the satisfaction of creating an original elaborate. Students will work individually under the guidance of the teacher, but they'll interact each other in order to get to the construction of a collective elaborate.

The courses take place in the facilities that host disadvantaged people.

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Mariapia Zepponi - Art Creations